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Zanzibar is an island, and isn’t like the mainland. It’s a 23 mile hop from mainland Tanzania & yes it is officially part of East Africa, in almost all aspects, life there is different. Most Zanzibar’s consider themselves Zanzibar rather than Tanzanian, and their territory has its own leader and governing bodies. Mainland Tanzania is a mix of Christian, Muslim, and indigenous groups, but Zanzibar, which the Sultanate of Oman ruled for centuries, is almost entirely Muslim.

Top tips for Zanzibar travel


Say hello : Swahili is a relatively easy language to learn. Don’t assume the street side attentiveness from people is an attempt to sell you something, — of course that does happen, but also saying hello is also an important part of the local culture. The “Mambos” and “Jambos” are most often than not, just that, so it’s a good idea to say hello back. It is nice to know that people will still stop and ask about your day.

Some other words to use are- “Thank you” – “Asante”, “Thank you very much” – “Asante sana”, “Hakuna Matata” – “No worries”, “Nice to meet you” – “Nafurahi kukuona” & “Excuse me” – “Samahani”.

Zanzibar has two rainy seasons


Every year, there are the long rains and the short rains. After a very sweaty East African summer, Zanzibar’s long rainy season lasts roughly from March until May. The short rains generally take place between November and December, but aren’t nearly as intense—they tend to show up in short and torrential bursts, then quickly fade back to beautiful blue skies.

Our Retreats are usually in February, before it gets too hot, and November, where the rains are quick and the relief is nice.

It isn’t “The Lion King”, Sorry.

Tanzania is known for its amazing safaris, but this is not the Serengeti: the wildlife in Zanzibar is all underwater. The snorkeling is beautiful, but do be warned, sea urchins come out in full force, it is good to pack a pair of underwear booties.

Zanzibar is also great for wave surfing, stand up paddle boarding & kite surfing.

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