Kite @ Nest

Kite @ the Nest is located at a stunning flat lagoon. It is one of the best locations in the world to take kite lessons. At 2 kms away by water you can reach the stunning kite reef where you can enjoy wave riding and epic downwinders.

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Kite @ the Nest

Private Kite Lessons​

Water start6h €400
Independent rider8h (+1)€500
PackageIntroWater StartIndependent rider
Wind Theory, Safety Steps, Kite Set up, First Piloting XXX
Kite Control, Body-Dragging, Self-Rescue -XX
Water Start, Controled stop -XX
Speed Control, Upwind Riding --X
Note: Steps can be modified according to weather conditions and student progress

Semi-private Lessons (2 ppl)

Large6h €250pp

Gear rental

PackageIs it for me?1h1/2 Day (3h)1 Day7 Day
Full PackageI got flip-flops only€40€60€100€385
Kite & BarI got a sweet board€25€40€70€315
BoardI got my kite with me€15€20€35€135
SUP There's no wind€10€20€40-
Kite Surf boardTime to hit the waves€30€40€60€240
StorageBosses don't carry--€15€75

We also have awesome beach boys, rescue jetski, showers, safety lockers and... great cocktails for terrible conditions


1. Shallow flat Lagoon
2. Reef with Waves (1.5-3m wave)

Jetski rental
30 min - €70
1 hour - €120

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