The adventurous crew of "Nest Village" Foundation applied its understanding of life, people, and their emotions to help the community discover different ways of working and recreation. We believe that creativity and personal and professional growth shouldn’t be tied or limited to a location or any other limitation. The "Nest Village" Foundation members share the same mission and values, which are motivating us to seek the ultimate freedom and perfect work-life balance. This mindset that we developed over time is our driving force to continue sharing our values with those who are as fascinated as we are about the free-spirited creators' lifestyle but are just beginning their journey.


Kalojan Georgiev

Kalojan is the founding partner of K-Pharm Global Group (KPGG), а $100mln+ group of pharma-trading companies. The company is a one-stop shop, offering services such as logistics, distribution, marketing and regulatory support for pharmaceutical manufacturers, covering over 50 countries in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Yanina Georgieva

Entrepreneurial Owner with experience and solid history of business success. Built operations from ground up with strategic and scalable approaches. Well-oriented to quickly identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Experienced business leader with demonstrated strategic planning, problem-solving and team-building abilities. Successful at bringing in and training staff to handle customer and business needs. Motivational, diplomatic and respectful of people from different backgrounds. Committed Business Owner bringing stellar track record in business leadership experience. Well-educated in managing and improving operations. Astute and organized individual accustomed to optimizing long-term success and balancing targets with resources. Results-oriented Business Manager bringing expertise in accounting, supply chain management and marketing. Successful at overseeing all areas of daily operations and making effective policy decisions to positively impact business direction and bottom line profits.

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